Corrections Prompt

To receive credit (up to one point back per question – most questions are worth 10 points):

  • Corrections must be on a separate sheet of graph paper.
  • The entire solution must be written out in its entirety. You do not have to write out the problem itself.
  • All graphs, images, etc. must be drawn and included.
  • For each problem, you must include an explanation of what you did wrong and a reflection statement about what you learned.


To be honest, I’m not exactly satisfied with these prompts. I’m mulling over how to incorporate these new ideas organically and seamlessly:

  • What was your weakest area on this assessment? Why was it so low? What goal can you set for next week to improve your score?
  • Site specific examples of what you did to study/prepare for this assessment – what and how?
  • In doing corrections, how did you gain knowledge and understanding on challenging topics?
  • Based on what you learned from your mistakes on this assessment, what can you do to improve your study strategies in the future?