Corrections Info

I allow corrections on all assessments (except our required semester exam). I mean, why not? If I am promoting the idea of a growth mindset and reflection, how can I not encourage students to learn from their mistakes and reward their efforts by doing corrections? But, of course, writing, reflection, and evaluation have to be involved to build meta-cognition.

What I tell the students:

Corrections are optional.

They are to seek out my help, or that of another teacher or tutor, to figure out the problem. Why would they try to do corrections and not make sure they knew what they did wrong and how to do the problem the right way??

To receive credit, they must complete the prompt (found on Corrections Prompt page).

What I do:

I generally give the students one week from the time an assessment is handed back until the corrections are due. This way they have time to meet with me, or another math teacher/tutor, and get help.

Like the journals, the first few assessments, I am much more generous in what I will accept as a reflection statement. After the third assessment, the bar is raised.


In my experience, students can be more interested in earning back points. The goal is to get them focused on learning from their mistakes and growing.