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I don’t think students can fully embrace meta-cognition or reflection unless they buy into the idea of Growth Mindset – that we learn through mistakes and there isn’t some magic *math* gene.

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Evidence based research in cognitive studies led to the conclusion that the “traditional” study habits people use (highlighter, rereading, etc.) are not as effective as people believe. Lasting learning comes from other methods discussed in the book – including … reflection.

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This book is specifically written to dispel a stereotype/myth regarding boys as learners. It discusses the research that lends evidence toward the premise that boys learn better when they feel valued and are seen an individuals. Obviously, this can – and should – extend all genders.

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This book is geared toward younger grades, but has lots of ideas and prompts that can be modified to be used with any age.

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I’ve only read this through once – but there is soooo much to this book, I need to re-read it again. This book is so rich. I have a lot of gut-ideas on how I want to use it, but I’ll flesh it out better after I re-read.