Self-Evaluation Examples

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Isn’t this a great example of meta-cognition? This reflection and self-evaluation is awesome: “…but have not realized until this semester is that I tend to assume that my work is always correct.

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…I felt I did the homework just to complete it, but this quarter I have really focused on using it to learn. I found this strategy to be very effective…

Whooo hooo!

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Even though I am unsure of the process’ execution, I still try to do my best even with the little glimmering fear of failure in the background.

We all experience the “little glimmering fear of failure” – knowing it’s there, and knowing how to handle it, is huge.

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I don’t discuss “Aha” moments in this class, but this student realized what he needed to do to have them.

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This is my favorite reflection of all times:

…my biggest strength this quarter has been my fearlessness when attacking problems.


I wish all my students knew what if felt like to have fearlessness when attacking problems.

I wish I did.